For patients from abroad

For patients from abroad (Для зарубіжних пацієнтів)

State Institute «Shalimov’s National Institute of Surgery and Transplantation» to National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine is the world recognized multidisciplinary scientific and practical medical center, holds a leading position in the field of surgery and transplantation in Ukraine.
The Institute was founded on May 30, 1972 as Kyiv Institute of Clinical and Experimental Surgery by Oleksandr Shalimov, who was the chairman of Institute during following 16 years. Since 1993 it was included to number of scientifical institutions on National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. Institute has higher accreditation category and certificate ISO 9001:2008, IDT by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
The structure of Institute consists of administration department, research department, clinic department with 460 beds, consultative outpatient department, engineering and economic departments. The research subdivision includes 12 scientifical departments and 2 laboratories. 
Clinic is represented by further departments:
*Thoracoabdominal surgery
*Transplantation of kidney
*Heart surgery and transplantation
*Pancreatic surgery, laparoscopic and bile ducts reconstructive surgery
*Transplantation and surgery of liver
*Vascular surgery
*Microvascular and plastics and reconstructive surgery
*Endovascular surgery and angiography 
*Combined pathology and retroperitoneal surgery
*Anesthesiology and intensive care
*Radiology and functional diagnostics.
Total amount of surgeries is near 8000 annually.
Authorized manager will provide to foreign patients service on get diagnostics, medical treatment, trip accompaniment to Ukraine, and other requirements.
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